Launch Of Our New Website

Launch Of Our New Website

Although it’s essentially impossible to showcase the glory of the Throbb brand and its 3 outstanding restaurants, without the real life experience of stepping foot into one of its establishments, and diving head first into some of its culinary masterpieces, we hope the new website goes some way towards giving a glimpse (a foretaste, if you will), into our world.

Before the much anticipated onset of true “smellovision”, we have to make do with pictures and text. As we’re not that great at writing copy we thought it best to add as much in the way of imagery, as possible… so that, because we know a picture paints a thousand words, we probably have about 120,000 words on the site, which is fantastic!

Working closely with the famous Publica Digital Agency, the producers of the site, we wanted to create a beautiful, slick and brand-spanking reflection of our much-loved offering; and we think we have.

We hope you enjoy the site and, upon looking at it, feel compelled (in a slightly hypnotic way) to bound off at once to one of the Throbbs!

Love from,


(Who wished he had actually written this post, but said it felt too homeworky…)

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